You always have a choice

January 5, 2021 | Acharya Prashant

Acharya Prashant: In ‘Karma’, in normal action, you feel you have a choice. In ‘Akarma’ you feel you have no choice at all rather you are acting out of compulsion, obligation. You have convinced yourself that this is something I have no control over. So, you do not even attempt to navigate your ruler properly when it comes to these actions. You have just surrendered yourself to something called fate. You have said, “But, this is something that necessarily happens, what do I do about it?” That is Akarma.

Are you getting it?

Now, even this Akarma can be of two kinds. Be very clear. First is Akarma of the physical kind, purely physical kind. Actions like breathing, digestion, blinking, growth of body, discharge of bodily fluids, movements of internal organs. These are things, that you really cannot have much control over. You can play tricks with your heart and alter your heart rate. You can probably go out and run and you will find that your heart rate has increased. So that much you can do. But you cannot really order your heart beating. Same with perspiration. You can probably control the rate of perspiration but at no point can you reduce it to zero. Some amount of perspiration always happening. For how long can you control the blinking of your eyes? How much control can you have over your digestive juices? So, this is Akarma of the physical kind, about which not much attention, to which rather not much attention should be paid. These things happen. Though occasionally it may be required to pay attention even to these things.

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