Isn't Truth just a mirror?

October 29, 2020 | Acharya Prashant

समोऽहं सर्वभूतेषु न मे द्वेष्योऽस्ति न प्रिय:।

ये भजन्ति तु मां भक्त्या मयि ते तेषु चाप्यहम्।।29।।

samo ’haṁ sarva-bhūteṣhu na me dveṣhyo ’sti na priyaḥ

ye bhajanti tu māṁ bhaktyā mayi te teṣhu chāpyaham

The same am I to all beings: to Me, There is none hateful or dear. But those who worship Me with devotion, are in Me, and I too am in them.

~ Chapter 9, Verse 29

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Questioner (Q): After reading the above verse, I feel enchanted. I understand now why God's grace could be felt differently by different people. In the end, I feel it is only myself to blame if I feel victimized. And if someone is in bliss, it is the fruit of their own devotion.

Kindly speak on this more so that it is perfectly clear to me.

Acharya Prashant (AP): The Truth has nothing to do with anybody. Truth and God are very different, extremely different, belonging to two different dimensions.

The concept of God that we have is a very active concept. We have God, the creator. We have God, the manager. We have God, the provider. We have God, the destroyer. We have God who keeps records and dispenses justice. We have God that keeps an eye on everything that keeps happening. We have God that is omniscient, watches everything. We have God that knows everything.

Truth has nothing to do with all this shady business. Truth is perfectly out of everything that carries the stamp of your mind or your world. Truth is the name of a beyondness. Truth is an out-ness.

So, the Truth just is.

Doesn't favour anybody, doesn't disfavour anybody.

Is not spiteful, is not merciful.

Is not ruthless, is not compassionate—and does not respond to prayers at all.

Neither sees nor hears.

Doesn't create, doesn't destroy—does nothing at all.

That's Truth.

God is quite a busybody. I sometimes wonder how he manages all his stuff. Must be having quite an efficient office full of the best managers from the Ivy League institutions.

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