No descriptions or sequences really apply to the Truth || Acharya Prashant, on Raman Maharshi (2019)


“How do the triple factors, that is – the knower, the known, and knowledge, which are absent in deep sleep, Samadhi, etc., manifest themselves in the self, in the state of waking and dreaming?”

Sri Raman Maharshi:

“From the Self there arise in succession:

(i) Chidabhasa (reflected consciousness), which is a kind of luminosity.

(ii) Jiva (the individual consciousness) or the seer or the first concept.

(iii) Phenomena, that is the world.”

Question: How do the knower, known, and knowledge that are absent in deep sleep, arise in the waking state and in the dreaming state. After all they don’t really exist. From where do they come? This triad of Gyaan-Gyaata-Gyeya (Knowledge-Knower-Known) from where do they come?

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